FIFA releases video to show that the ball did not go into Japan’s goal


FIFA released this Friday (2) a video with the position of the ball on the bottom line, in the bid that led to Japan’s second goal in the 2-1 victory over Spain, this Thursday (1st), in the Khalifa stadium in Doha (Qatar).

According to the entity, the ball did not come out in one piece, as shown in the image that was released on social networks.

“Japan’s second goal in the 2-1 win over Spain was checked by VAR to determine whether the ball had gone out of play. The match video referees used goal-line camera footage to check whether the ball was still was partially on the line or not. Other cameras may provide misleading images, but based on the available evidence, the entire ball was not out of play.”

The bid originated in a counter-attack. Dan crossed the ball in the area from the right, it passed by everyone and, on the line of the bottom line, was touched back by Mitomo. In the small area, Tanaka played for the net and went out to celebrate.

Initially, the South African referee Victor Gomes noted the offside, but shortly thereafter the VAR notified him and, after approximately three minutes, determined that the ball had not left the field and therefore the goal was legal.

The video referee used the 3D image created by the cameras connected to the system (at least 12 per stadium) and the ball sensor to measure the moment when Mitoma touched it. Thus, it was possible to assess the exact position of the ball on the field.

Based on the available evidence, the entire ball was not out of play.

If the ball was on the goal line, the sensor inside would automatically warn the referee if it crossed the line fully, as there are sensors in the goalposts as well.

Rule number 9 of football provides that the ball is only out of bounds when it completely crosses the external lines on the ground or in the air.

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