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Pelé no longer responds to chemotherapy and is in palliative care


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Admitted since last Tuesday (29) at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, Pelé, 82, no longer responds to the chemotherapy treatment he had been undergoing since September last year, when he was operated on for bowel cancer. At the beginning of the year, metastases in the intestine, lung and liver were diagnosed.

THE Sheet found that the ace is in exclusive palliative care. This means that chemotherapy has been suspended and that he continues to receive comfort measures, to relieve pain and shortness of breath, for example, without being subjected to invasive therapies.

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Palliative care is indicated for all patients with progressive and potentially life-threatening diseases or conditions. The measures will depend on the symptoms, functionality and prognosis, that is, how long the patient is expected to survive.

As anticipated by ESPN, Pelé arrived at the hospital with a picture of anasarca (generalized swelling), an edemigemia syndrome (generalized edema) and decompensated heart failure. THE Sheet confirmed this information.

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This Friday afternoon (2), the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein released a note informing that Pelé had been diagnosed with a respiratory infection, after being hospitalized on Tuesday for a reassessment of chemotherapy therapy for the colon tumor identified in September 2021.

The infection is being treated with antibiotics. “The response has been adequate and the patient, who remains in a common room, is stable, with a general improvement in his health”, says the statement signed by doctors Fabio Nasri, geriatrician and endocrinologist, oncologist Rene Gansl and Miguel Cendoroglo Neto, Einstein Medical Director-Superintendent

According to the note, the former player will remain hospitalized in the coming days for continued treatment.

THE Sheet tried to listen to the doctors who signed the statement, but, according to the advisory, the team’s positions will only come through official notes. She also tried to hear from the hospital’s management about suspending chemotherapy and adopting palliative care. The hospital did not confirm and also did not deny the information. He only reinforced that he would maintain the content of the note released this Friday.

Kely Nascimento, daughter of the King, has minimized the severity of her father’s health condition on her profile on a social network. “The media is freaking out again and I want to come here and bury it a little bit. My dad is in the hospital, regulating medication. I’m not jumping on a flight to run there. My brothers are in Brazil, visiting, and I’m going on New Year’s Eve”, posted. “There is no surprise, no emergency”, concluded Kely, who thanked the fans for their kindness.

Pelé has been posting on his social networks during the World Cup. On Monday (28), at halftime between Brazil and Switzerland, with the score still 0-0, he posted on Twitter: “How are you doing after this first half? As my friend Galvão Bueno would say: Haja corazón. I believe in victory, and you?

This Thursday, on his Instagram account, a text was published in which he thanks the tribute he received in the host country of the Cup and also reassures the fans. “Friends, I’m at the hospital doing my monthly visit. It’s always nice to receive positive messages like this. Thanks to Qatar for this tribute, and to everyone who sends me good vibes!”

The star has been fighting bowel cancer since August 31, 2021, when he was diagnosed with a tumor in the colon (large intestine) during routine exams, which should have been done in 2020, but were postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic .

Four days later, he underwent surgery at Albert Einstein to remove the tumor and, during hospitalization, he was taken to the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) a few times, the last one on September 16. According to the bulletin released at the time, the playmaker had respiratory instability.

Shortly after the surgery, the three-time world champion began chemotherapy sessions. In December 2021, he was hospitalized for about 15 days for more chemotherapy sessions. On December 23, when he was discharged, he posted on social media. “As I promised you, I’m going to spend Christmas with my family. I’m coming home.”

On February 13, when he returned for more chemotherapy sessions, he joked. “Hopefully there’s popcorn to watch the Super Bowl soon. I’ll be watching even though my friend Tom Brady isn’t playing. Thanks for all the messages of love.” At the time, the King had to extend his stay in hospital after doctors identified a urinary tract infection. Pelé was discharged on February 28.

In addition to cancer, the athlete suffers from sequelae from three surgeries performed in recent years. One for placement of prosthesis in the hip and two others to correct it. He also feels pain in his knee, problems that made it difficult for him to move around.

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