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Opinion – It’s Right There: Caminhos do Mar Park releases access to coffee in Pouso de Paranapiacaba


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For those who want to know a little more about Parque Caminhos do Mar, on Estrada Velha de Santos, in the ABC region of São Paulo, the place offers good news: Café 1922 has just opened, in Pouso de Paranapiacaba, which can be reached from on foot or by bicycle, without having to buy a ticket that gives access to the 8 kilometers of Estrada Velha de Santos.

Pouso de Paranapiacaba is one of the five monuments that the park’s concessionaire, Parquetur, has already renovated, out of a total of nine planned along the road until next April. Inaugurated in 1922, to celebrate the first centenary of the Independence of Brazil, it is the first point from which anyone coming from the plateau of São Paulo can see the landscape of Baixada Santista —the name Paranapiacaba, in Tupi, means “place where you can see the sea”. .

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In addition to hot and cold drinks, the café offers typical Portuguese snacks and sweets, those fatty foods that make visitors want to go down the road (and then up) to burn off the calories ingested. But to continue from there, it is necessary to buy the access ticket — and, if the person arrived there by bicycle, leave it in the newly installed bicycle rack, as the circulation of any vehicles along the route is not authorized, with the exception of official vans .

By the end of March or beginning of April (the rains in the region are a drama apart for any work), Parquetur’s head of marketing, Carolina Bonafe, says that another attraction will be open to the public: a 500-meter zip line meters from the Visitors’ House, at the entrance to the park, to the ruins of an old two-story building whose original use is unknown. On the way, in addition to an unprecedented view of the Pouso de Paranapiacaba, the visitor will be able to have a privileged view of the conservation unit of what is considered the largest biological corridor in the Atlantic Forest, with more than 1,200 types of plants and 1,361 species of animals identified.

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