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Nikologiannis: “Panathinaikos should play the best game of the second round”


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On how the preparation of Panathinaikos is progressing ahead of the derby with Olympic and about his thoughts Ivan Jovanovich spoke o Tasos Nikologiannis to bwinSPORT FM.

Nikologiannis said about today’s training and preparation for the derby: “Today the emphasis fell on the static phases in view of the derby. Every week this happens. Ivan Jovanovic’s associates have studied the Olympiakos set-up and are working on it. I remind you that Panathinaikos scored a goal with Aris from a stoppage time”.

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On the thoughts of Ivan Jovanovich: “Tomorrow the preparation ends and it remains to be seen how the team will play. Will the lineup be the same or will it have a few changes? There are question marks which we will find out on Saturday. It is a game in which Jovanovic wants to present a Panathinaiko dominant who will play his game and not be shut down. If he goes high, pushes, then he can get the result. Panathinaikos will have to play their best game in the second round. In mentality and concentration he should be like with Volos and in the phases he will make to score goals. Mainly, not to concede the first goal, something that has happened in all the derbies this year”.

For Kleinheisler: “With a training session to play even as a substitute, Kleinheisler will make an impression on me. Tomorrow we will know about the mission, but the odds are not in his favor.”

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For the key players: “I would say Mancini. He has a good tradition with Olympiakos. He has confidence, speed, scored a crucial goal with Aris. I will also say Ruben. He is a key player for the team. When it doesn’t play well, there’s a problem. He makes the game from behind, closes spaces. On his good day there is no second, he is top”.

Listen to the relevant excerpt:

Source: Sport Fm

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