Super Vergos blew Lamia into a lather!


He got a great victory against PAS Ioannina and Lamia breathed a sigh of relief (2-0)!

With an absolute protagonist Nico Vergo, who scored twice (12′, 45’+1′), Fthiotoi returned to winning ways after the draw with Panaitolikos, and climbed to the 12th place of the Stoiximan Super League standings, with two points more than the bottom Leviathan and Ionic.

Leonidas Vokolos’ team came in determined to win from the first minute and were justified, getting a very important result. He suffocated after the dismissal of De Vincenti in the 52nd PAS, without, however, being able to achieve a goal.

The home team finished the match with nine players, with Manousos also being sent off at 90’+6′ with a second yellow card.

In the minds of the coaches:

With 4-4-2 Leonidas Vokolos lined up his team, with Garavelis under the posts, Abada, Simon, Tzanetopoulos and K. Papadopoulos in defense, Tsiloulis, Tzandaris, Nunes and Martinez in midfield and De Vincenti and Vergo in attack.

With 4-3-3 Thanasis Staikos brought down PAS Ioannina, with Tsintotas under the posts, Pelios, Bakadimas, Eramuspe and Tsavos in defense, Liasso, Gino and Rienstra in the axis and Jima, Moreira and Balan in attack.

The match

Lamia entered the match stronger and missed a great opportunity to open the scoring in the 9th minute. THE Vergos found himself facing Tsintotas, but Eramouspe made a saving tackle on the Greek striker’s shot and cleared the danger.

However, three minutes later, Fthioti found their way to the opposing net. Martinez took the long shot, the ball countered and took a strange trajectory, Tsintotas failed to block in two times and Vergos with a near post he made it 1-0 for his team!

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The first good moment for the visitors came in the 33rd minute of the game. Pelios crossed from the right, Bakadimas took the header, but it was weak, resulting in an easy block by Garavelis.

PAS Ioannina threatened again in the 39th minute. The Epirot players developed nicely outside the area, the ball reached Liassos, whose long shot ended up just wide of Garaveli’s post.

However, before the end of the half, Fthioti doubled their goals. After an excellent free kick by De Vincenti, o Vergos he made a beautiful move in the area and with a nice header, he beat Tsintonas and made it 2-0! With this score, the two teams went to the break.

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In the 52nd minute, Lamia was left with ten players. De Vincenti fouled Gino badly, with Mr Tsagarakis showing him a second yellow card and sending him off.

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From that point onwards, PAS pressed suffocatingly to achieve a goal, with Thanasis Staikos… shuffling the deck, in order to find solutions in the attack. In the 66th minute, the VAR had a problem, with the match continuing normally after a few minutes.

In the 69th minute, Epirotes came close to scoring. After an excellent corner kick by Moreira, o Rosero he made the projection, but the ball went just wide of Garaveli’s post. Six minutes later, the visitors had another good moment. THE Moreira with a nice move he avoided Simon and entered the area of ​​Lamia, but the shot he attempted went well past the left post of Garavelis.

In the last minutes, Lamia did not let the team from Ioannina threaten the home of Garavelis with claims and celebrated a great victory with 2-0!

MVP: THE Nikos Vergos. The striker of Lamia confirmed that he is in a very good playing condition, he scored two goals and contributed the most for his team’s great victory.

The whistle: Mr. Tsagarakis had a good presence in the match. He has made the right decisions, both during the match and in the two dismissals of the home team, while he also used the cards correctly.

Team compositions:

Lamia (Leonidas Vokolos): Garavelis, Abada (70′ Saramantas), Simon, Tzanetopoulos, K. Papadopoulos, Tsiloulis (82′ Karamanos), Tzandaris, Nunes (70′ Beharano), De Vincenti, Martinez (71′ Slivka), Vergos (82′ Manousos).

PAS Ioannina (Thanasis Staikos): Tsintotas, Pelios, Mendes, Eramouspe, Tzimas (66′ Leo), Tsavos (83′ A. Lolis), Rienstra (58′ Rosero), Gino, Bakadimas, Liassos (46′ Bilbao), Balan.

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Source: Sport Fm

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