Reception for the recognition of the Day of Greek Independence, delivered on Wednesday March 30 by the president of the USA, Joe Biden, in the White House.

However, the ones who stole the show were Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, who attended the reception at the White House. The American president spoke with very warm words about our country and its contribution to the creation of the American state due to the concept of democracy.

Mr. Biden also referred to the nickname “Bidenopoulos”, which has been given to him in the state of Delaware, but also to Robert Menendez, about whom he said: “I think he is Greek”.

Undoubtedly, however, the moment that stood out was when Rita Wilson, who has become a naturalized Greek with her famous husband, sang Stamatis Kokota and the song “A parenthesis and only” with the audience clapping along.

Tom Hanks also took the stage, after the American president, addressing Rita Wilson, joked saying: “Your talent is incredible. And all I’m concerned about is your taste in men. Do you have something to say Tom?”, Mr. Biden asked the famous actor, who replied “I’m not Greek, but I had the sense to marry a Greek woman”, causing laughter from those present.

The US president also referred to the tragedy of the train collision in Tempi and to the families across Greece who are grieving their loved ones. “It was a tragic, tragic accident and we are praying for them. Both Jill and I, and the American people, are deeply saddened by this tragedy. And our prayers continue to be with the Greek people, including all those who have lost loved ones and those who are recovering from these wounds.”