Jengo: “I’m Greek and Albanian, some like it and some don’t”

Jengo: “I’m Greek and Albanian, some like it and some don’t”

An interview regarding the fact that she got Greek citizenship was granted by Elina Jengo.

The famous javelin thrower, who was crowned European champion in 2022, also referred to the negative comments she has heard about this event, stressing that she is not interested in them.

In detail what Elina Jengo stated in Parapolitika:

You recently obtained Greek citizenship and identity. How did you feel;

“I felt relief and great joy, because for many years I did not have citizenship and in many things we were behind. I couldn’t go to Albania to see my grandmother and grandfather. My sisters mostly had issues. I am both Greek and Albanian. Some like what I say, some don’t.”

What do you mean;

“Some people comment negatively on the fact that I say that I am also Greek. But there are so many people who support and love me, that I don’t pay attention to malicious comments”.

What has been the most difficult moment of your life so far?

“When you play championships, there are many difficult phases you go through. Difficult phases are managing a failure, not letting it overwhelm you, being able to move on and leave the difficulties behind”.

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