Rodinei: “The Greeks only say “m@@@@” all the time, they are very funny”


About his life in Greece and the difficulties he faced in adapting to it, he spoke Rodney in an interview with Brazil’s “ge”.

The Brazilian emphasized the similarities that the Greeks have with his compatriots and referred to moments of his daily life, while he also commented on his collaboration with Marcelo.

In detail, what he said:

On his relationship with the fans: “The Flamengo fans love me, but I have a two-year contract with Olympiacos. They are a giant club in a competitive league. It is very difficult to play because there is a lot of pressure from the fans in the stands. There is a fan who can throw bottles, lasers in the face… but that’s about it. I like that pressure. Football stood out to me because I go up the side.”

For his nickname: “Airplane, in Greek I haven’t learned to pronounce it yet. Then I’ll ask how we say airplane in Greek.”

For the Greeks: “These Greeks only keep saying “m@@@@”. It is everywhere and in everything they call ‘μ@@@@’. For example: ‘Are you ok m@@@@?’. ‘Good evening, good afternoon, m@@@@’. Greeks are very funny. They are a people like us, they like criticism, they like to ‘mockery’. I’ve already adapted with them and it’s a joy every day for me.”

For his performance: “My numbers are very high, especially since I didn’t play the whole league. My debut was on January 3rd. My teammates welcomed me very well, I have a very good relationship with people. The moment is good and they are enjoying it.”

For Marcelo: “It was a quick acquaintance. We were only teammates for about two months. He treated me very well. The rivalry is off the pitch, even though he’s Fluminense and I’m Flamengo. I spent the time change with him, because I was not with my family. He’s a guy I consider my friend, he gave me a lot of advice, he’s a winner in life.”

For Olympiakos: “It’s a dream I lived. Since I was a child I dreamed of playing in Europe, wherever I was. At 30, I got a contract in Greece. I am in European football and I am very happy. I’ve only been there a few months, it’s an adjustment period. The people welcomed me very well, it has the warmth of the Brazilian people. I will continue the hard work.”

For customization: “The first week was very difficult. In Brazil, I took English classes, but the education was in Portuguese… Difficult learning. Especially since I’m 31 years old. Here in the group, I only speak English. So I’m developing, I can understand and speak a little more. English in my own way, in criticism, I cut the words, but I manage to communicate. Journalists, people, everyone says I feel like I’ve been here for many years. It seems like four years, but it’s only four months.”

Source: Sport Fm

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