The suffering begins at Asteras Tripoli!

The suffering begins at Asteras Tripoli!

Asteras Tripoli will start building the new season on Monday (26/06). The Arcades will gather for their first trainingwhich will have both additions and absences.

Vassilis Mantzis, Nikos Kaltsas, the two transfer acquisitions will be available tomorrow, while we will also have absences, those of Matias Iglesias whose contract ended and was not renewed by Asteras, as well as his Leo Tilicabut also his Christou Tassoulis. As well as some other footballers who have already left the club.

At the same time, Mr Milan Rastavac he returns to his “family”, as he mentioned, after a year and is ready to build the team from scratch, to make it competitive again, with the goal of course of entering the playoffs.

The task is not easy, however the Serb knows how to manage difficult situations and has proven that he knows what he is doing. He returned with him Pavlos Gotsisone of the leading gymnasts in Greece with the… duo of success for the Arkades reciprocating again.

Of course, parallel to the preparation, the negotiations continue with footballers who are interested in the club in order to fill the gaps left by the departures and of course in order to have a qualitative upgrade. With Leroy Abada close to his arrival in Tripoli, while the safari for ‘eight’, ‘ten’ and centre-forward continues.

Source: Sport Fm

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