New promises for Panathinaikos in the friendly draw with Hapoel Be’er Sheva


He performed very well in the first half, created several chances and liked it, but was tied with Hapoel Ber Sheva Panathinaikos (1-1).

Ivan Jovanovic’s side had an excellent face until 45′, with high pressure, good circulation and combined efforts at intervals. Their collaborations are also excellent Mladenovic and Verbich, with the hosts showing a good defensive function, with the exception of the goal they conceded.

In the second half, the many changes, the fatigue of the football players and the heat played a big role for the presence of the players on the pitch, with the opportunities in front of the two home teams being clearly fewer. Their presence is also good Geremegev and Juricic, who were also inside the phases. Next friendly next Tuesday (18/7) against Rayo Vallecano at Leoforo.

The match

Panathinaikos entered the game better and threatened in the 6th minute. THE Sporar made the shot from a beautiful partnership, with Marciano blocking. At 14′, Kotsiras entered the area and found him Verbich, whose shot collided with the bodies and went away.

At 22′, Hapoel had a good moment, but his shot Klimali after Lopez’s cross, he didn’t worry Lodingin. Four minutes later, the Greens had another good chance. After excellent pressing and stealing by Palasios, the ball reached the Sporar who places in drag, with Marciano parrying.

In the 30th minute, however, Jovanovic’s players found the way to the opposing nets. Mladenovic found him with an incredible ball Verbich in the heart of the area, who nicely tilted his body and headed the ball into the net, for 1-0!

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After Panathinaikos’ goal, the pace dropped, with Hapoel finding a way to breach the “clover” goal in the 43rd minute. Lopez saw Pettersen’s move and squared the ball to him, with the latter turning from the left and Stoyanov to perform with one of the “heart” of the area for 1-1! This was the score with which the two teams went to the break.

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The “greens” entered the second half with eight changes. In the 47th minute, Panathinaikos had another good moment to take the lead again. Vagiannidis made the turn, Mancini controlled and laid on Geremegev, whose shot stopped on Miguel Vitor.

In the 58th minute, it was Hapoel’s turn to threaten. THE A band he made a nice move and went one-on-one with Lodingin, with the Panathinaikos keeper clearing for a corner. In 63′, o Djuricic he laid the ball to Geremegev, with the Swede’s cross shot deflecting for a corner.

A minute later, the Israelis came very close to the upset. After Panathinaikos took a corner, they went on the counter-attack, Bandas came in and found him with an incredible ball Elias, who controlled and shot from the edge of the area, with Lodingin clearing for a corner.

In the 75th minute, the “greens” once again threatened the opposing goal. Huancar got into the area after some great work, took the shot that was countered, while Mancini’s shot then went just wide of the post. The last chance in the match, with the heat having overwhelmed the players of both teams, came in the 84th minute. Geremeev found him with a lob Djuricic in the box, who tried to “hang” the goalkeeper, but he blocked.

Thus, the match ended, with the two teams remaining tied and Panathinaikos making promises for the future.

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Source: Sport Fm

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