An improved Panathinaikos, almost destroyed Cluj with conductors Sluka-Vildosa!


He liked it in his first friendly in Greece Panathinaikos!

The “greens” won with a score of 98-82 Cluj at “Andreas Papandreou”, in the context of the “Nikos Fassouras” tournament, showing a much better face compared to the match against Tsedevita Olympia.

THE Panathinaikos it was difficult again in the first half especially defensively, but in the second with a better defense and pluralism in the attack, it managed to get a difference and reach a comfortable victory, with… almost a disaster.

Top of the winners was Luka Vildosa, who stepped up in the second half and had his best performance in green so far, tallying 16 points, 4 assists and 1 steal. Very positive in the first half o Kostas Sloukas, who was a true “maestro” with 9 points and 7 assists, along with 3 steals. Balcherovski, who was again positive, had 13 points, 14 was added by Grigoniswhile the excellent Panagiotis Kalaitzakis scored 12.

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Now, Panathinaikos turns to tomorrow’s friendly against Peristeri bwin (10/9, 20:15), where they will also have Ergin Ataman on his bench. We remind you that the Turkish technician had gone to his homeland for personal reasons. The internationals also did not compete Matias Lessor, Juancho Hernangometh, Ioannis Papapetrou and Dimitris Moraitisas well as the injured Dino Mitoglou.

The match

THE Panathinaikos came on very strong in the match with protagonists Sluka and Balcerovski, taking an early lead with a score of 9-2. The Pole scored and created, with Grigonis taking his pass and making a three-pointer for 12-2. The difference got away even more, with him Balcherovsky to show his ability from long range with a three-point shot for 17-2. The Romanians responded with Stepanovic and Jones, cutting to 17-10, while Seeley cut the gap to 2 points with a three-pointer (17-15). With two studs of it Costa Antetokounmpo, the score went to 23-19. The first period ended at 25-22.

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With Stepanovic the protagonist, Cluj’s reaction continued, as a result of which she also reduced the point with a three-pointer by Richard (33-32). THE Manzoukas sent Panathinaikos to +5 (39-34), with Grigonis to make a three-pointer for 42-37. The Lithuanian hit for the third time from long range, making it 45-39. Panathinaikos, led by Balcherovski again, increased the difference to 54-44 at halftime.

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THE Jarrell Eddy cut it to 58-51 with a 3-pointer early in the second half, but Slukas answered to make it 61-51. Grigonis with a three-pointer increased the difference to +14 (66-52), with Eddy to answer again for 66-55. The sluggish Vildosa took the lead at 68-59, then made a beautiful alley-oop pass to Costa Antetokounmpo for 70-61. THE Kalaitzakis scored for 73-63 after Guy’s assist, while Vildosa’s three-pointer made it 76-65. The third period ended with a score of 76-67.

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Fast forward to the fourth quarter, with Vildosa and Antetokounmpo, Panathinaikos was at +13 (82-69). Kalaitzakis also scored with a three-pointer, making it 87-74 and confirming that it was a good night. THE Vildosa he still went up being a creator and executor, with the difference escaping up to +19 thanks to the “magic” of the Argentine (95-76). Finally they got inside Avdalas, Samonturovwith the former showing very good examples leading the team in the final minutes.

The quarters: 25-22, 54-44, 76-67, 98-82

Source: Sport Fm

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