Gavi: “I hope to spend my whole career at Barcelona”


The young ace of Barcelona gave an interview to the Catalan Media, “La Vanguardia”, Gaviexpressing his desire to spend his entire career at the “Blaugrana”!

The 19-year-old emphasized that in Barcelona he will be happier than he could be anywhere else, while at the same time he remembered his presence in Masia, talked about his evolution, while also revealing his biggest dream.

In detail what he said:

“I hope to spend my entire career at Barcelona. I am happier here than I will be anywhere else. I will give everything for the club”.

For Massia: “I’ve been in Masia since I can remember and that means a lot to me. I really enjoyed it, playing with my teammates there. We did everything together”.

For its development: “Compared to last season, I have improved in entering phases more correctly. I used to foul a lot. Sometimes I look at games after they’re over and wonder how I managed to do certain things. My mother is worried, but this is football and I try to give everything. I am a football player who fights until the end”.

For his dream: “My biggest dream is to win the Champions League with Barcelona. Since I was little, this was my dream”.

Source: Sport Fm

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