Moron: “I had to go to a psychologist when I wasn’t playing at Betis”


The bad psychological state he was in when he was playing for Betis and was sidelined was confessed by Loren Moron speaking on the show “El pelotazo” on Canal Sur Radio. The Spanish striker admitted that he had to go to a psychologist to help him overcome it and added that in Aris he has now found his smile realizing that the team believes in him.

“I would love to return to Real Betis one day. I don’t care if I come back even as a caregiver. I left without being able to be at my best and I would love to come back to help the club. I gave my best at Real Betis, even though I didn’t have the coach’s trust. I don’t know if I should have left there sooner, but I was where I wanted to be“, he mentioned and emphasized about the beginning of his tenure at Ares.

“The season has just started, but yes, I’m getting my emotions back. It’s been a long time since I’ve had so many minutes and so much consistency with the goal. The feelings are very good and I am getting my enthusiasm for football back. I thought it would cost me more, going almost two years without playing.

The last few years have not been positive and they make you lose a bit of your enthusiasm for football. I never completely lost it, but it’s true that it was a time when you asked yourself a lot of questions, and psychologically it shows. I went to the pros at the time and I didn’t have a good time.”

About the loans to Espanyol and Las Palmas he said:

“I dont regret. They are all experiences and they add up. It’s true that before I left for Espanyol I could have lasted a little longer at Betis, but in the end many things come together. I got a great welcome there and it worked out as a good experience. In Las Palmas, the same. I experienced a promotion, but I was not well integrated into the team and never managed to adapt. I gave my best at Betis, not only in matches but also in training and on a daily basis. It was a difficult situation, because the coach didn’t count on me.”

Finally, he commented on his coach at Betis, Manuel Pellegrini:

“I spoke with Pellegrini. Although he didn’t count on me, we talked often. He encouraged me, he saw that I was training well. He promised me that eventually my chance would come, I had it in the Super Cup against Barcelona and I took it. He scored a great goal that I celebrated with sobs. He told me things I needed to improve and I did. Every coach has his tastes and opinions. He didn’t like me as a player, but that’s okay. I worked without any problems and told him that when he needed me I would be ready. My relationship with him has always been very good.”

Source: Sport Fm

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