Basket News poll: Slukas, Brazdeikis and Ataman among the most overrated in the EuroLeague!


“Basket News” made a rather interesting and… intriguing poll regarding this year Euroleaguetalking to a total of 23 players of the event about many “hot” issues!

Among other things, the athletes were asked about who they consider the most overrated player of this season, with Kostas Sloukas coming out… a winner on this admittedly negative list. His Greek guard Panathinaikou collected 20% of the votes! In second place we meet two more players with… a Greek flavor, since, both o Ignas Brazdeikis of Olympiakos, as well as Matias Lessor of the “greens”, collected from 13.3%, together with Yam Madar of Fener!

Of course, the “clover” coach is also on a negative list. Ergin Ataman. In particular, the Turkish coach of Panathinaikos was voted together with Dusko Ivanovic as the coaches with whom they would not want to cooperatecollecting an impressive 41.7% each!

On the contrary, to the relevant question about the coach they would like to work with, 39.1% answered with Pablo Lasso, 30.5%, with Zelimir Obradovicwhile in third place was found Dimitris Itoudis with a percentage of 13%!

Finally, regarding the player who is the greater “fighter” of the event, Arnas Butkevicius of Zalkiris emerged first in votes with 18.2%, with Matias Lessor and Thomas Walkup to follow with 13.6%!

Source: Sport Fm

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