Kougias: “The decision of the Appeals Court will be the same as the first – Stamoleka is the leading judge”


In the first instance decision on his fate Olympiacos-Panathinaikos in “Karaiskakis” which was interrupted, he spoke Alexis Kougias.

The well-known criminologist emphasized on the air of LIBERO 107.4 FM that he expects a similar decision from her Appealsspoke in the best words about the trial Antigone Stamolekaswhile he pointed out that “he doesn’t know if it would be wise for Olympiacos to go to CAS”.

In detail what Alexis Kougias said to LIBERO 107.4 FM:

Regarding the decision of the match between Olympiacos and Panathinaikos and his initial public position on the matter: “Several of your colleagues consider me trustworthy for my judgment in such decisions. When a decision that concerns public opinion is to be issued. From 07:00 to 08:00 I listen to ERA Sport, on my way to the center. As I travel a distance every day and have time to listen to the radio. That’s how Christos Kontos, your colleague, asked me my opinion. He had asked me what I foresaw. I had already been informed of the content of the match sheet. Based on what the referee had written on the match sheet, and with the doctor’s report, I said that I predict that the match will be resumed from where it was interrupted. Your colleague then began to speak his mind, and I pointed out to him that this was my opinion.

2 days later he called me again. After the supplementary report, I told him that the judge has the right to ask for clarification. As happened with Komini and Savvidis a few years ago. The judgment of the judicial body is not limited to what is written on the match sheet. If clarification is needed, it is the judge’s right to do so.

So the answers that followed were a catapult to the detriment of Olympiakos’ views. There was no way, even if Kougias was a lawyer, the best lawyer in Greece in general, there would have been another decision. So it happened. That I predicted. Reality is specific to legal issues.”

Regarding the decision of Stamoleka:The judge, Mrs. Antigoni Stamoleka, is a leading and elite investigator, in very serious investigative acts. I can’t listen to nonsense. I can’t stand it. If we are comfortable with the decision, everything is fine. If not, we react. We have to respect the decisions.”

For the EPO secondary: “I am absolute. The decision will be the same as the first. Then Olympiacos I don’t know if it is wise to go to CAS. I don’t know how CAS judges. However, such cases are not judged there. Other cases are being heard at the CAS. He is not competent to judge disciplinary proceedings”.

For the possibility of creating a judgment: “What is heard is a generalization. The fact that a firecracker will go off does not automatically mean disciplinary action. We have penalties because of the injury. Not because of a firecracker. Let’s get this straight. What is heard around is nonsense. The doctor said “I can’t decide, and they need medical help in a hospital” and then the hospital comes and confirms the player’s injury. If we want to believe that everything in Greece is so dirty that there are doctors and they certify false physical injuries, we are wrong”.

For the AEK – PAOK match: “If AEK is the AEK of the match against Panathinaikos, with the amazing performance it had then, it will win. If it is AEK of the last matches, which shows a collapse, then I think things will be different. Almeida has a problem, he presses high and is weak against stoppers. If PAOK manages to withstand the pressure, they have a lot of chances to win the game on the counter.”

For the image of PAOK: “It’s something I didn’t expect to tell you the truth, he has built a good team, contrary to what I thought based on the image of the summer, it mainly improved after the transfer of Despotov, who I had also recommended to Marinakis, when he was dealing with players like Gary Rodriguez. So when PAOK got him, I said they got a football leader.”

For Meite and the center of PAOK: “Players like Meite do not exist in Greece. He is very helpful! If they didn’t take Meite, PAOK would have a problem. Tsingaras cannot carry the burden alone. Although improved this year.”

For Konstantinos: “Really, for me, it’s the most beautiful thing to see going to the stadium. He can become better than Fortunis. He is the modern 10ri, with the “vizza” of Loucheskos, he turns and marks and he is not only an artist”.

Source: Sport Fm

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