Vavros on Garnazzo: “For me he is a clown, he has the mentality of a child”


THE United he doesn’t say to… lift his head, after finding yet another way to lose, as he succumbed with a score of 4-3 in Copenhagendespite leading 2-0 but also 3-2!

One of the players who gained attention for negative reasons in the rematch, was Alejandro Garnazzo. The Argentinian tried to “toil” the penalty spot, before executing the Diogo Gonsalves for the Danes’ 2-2 draw, something he had also done in the first match between the two teams. At the same time, he gestured to the stand to “shut up”, when the “red devils” temporarily went ahead with 3-2.

For these reasons, Mr Dennis Vavroher defender Copenhagenhe characterized “clown” him Garnazzo after the end of the match, emphasizing that he has “child mentality”.

In detail what he said:

“I saw he tried to do something on the penalty spot, but Kevin Dicks got in front and stopped him. It’s the second time. And then does it at our headquarters? He’s a clown to me. He has the mentality of a child when he tries something like this again, in an away game. It’s one thing at home in the 97th minute, but here in the first half? I don’t understand why he tries to do it”.

Source: Sport Fm

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