Another successful development opening in Alimos with the guarantee of AS Pera Athens


In the exceptional conditions of the Byzantine Sports Center, with the good organization of E.F.O.E.P.A., the appropriate care by A.S. Beyond Athens and of course a multitude of exciting and spectacular matches, this year’s 4th development tournament was completed on the afternoon of Sunday 10/12.

It was at the same time the last of 2023 and the 11th in this format, organized by A.S. Pera, celebrating at the same time the 100 years of history with this name (as you know, it had started its wonderful journey in sports events from Istanbul).

The “Open Panhellenic Championship “AS Pera” 2023-2024″ gathered 220 children from 51 clubs in the country (with 8 last-minute absences) and made a participation record for this season. It met the expectations on every side and through the abundant action of a busy two days… sweetly leads the children towards the Christmas and New Year holidays. The next open is in Veria on January 13 and 14, 2024.

The gold medal at the BAK of Alimos was won by Alexandros Madesis among the teenagers, Zoe Kazakou among the young girls, Chrysovalantis Sambalis among the girls, Eugenia Kosmas among the girls, Apostolos Vatsaklis among the girls, Chen Yudie among the girls, George Petrakis among the mini girls and Argyro Koutrouba in the mini pankorasides.

The racing program lasted a total of over 21 hours. The matches took place on 16 tables on the parquet floor of the “Michalis Pagiotis” hall and proceeded with a good flow. There were many exciting and high level matches and this time there were no shortage of surprises either. Indicative of the competition that three finals and as many matches for places 3-4 went to five sets. It was also the 3rd out of 4 tournaments this season to break the 200 entry barrier.


Among the teenagers, Alexandros Madesis won his first title of the year, coming from the gold medal at the international tournament in Cyprus. He started from the top of the table and in the final beat Stathis Manolopoulos (2nd favorite), with 3-0 sets, with whom they had faced each other in the singles in Nicosia (11-4, 14-12, 11-6).

Zoe Kazakou (No. 4) was crowned champion in the juniors, also for the first time this year. The athlete from Chania twice tied the Chinese origin Qi Xinyu (No. 3) and finally brought her down with 3-2 sets (6-11, 11-4, 6-11, 11-4, 11-5).

Chrysovalantis Sambalis led the boys. The international from Florina was number 3 in the seeding and reached his first gold in the category by defeating the 2nd favourite, Anastasios Fousekis in the final with 3-0 sets (11-8, 11-6, 11-9). Earlier, the 1st favorite in the tournament of AS Pera, Dimitris Georgallidis, had been defeated by 3-2 sets.

In the girls, Evgenia Kosmas won the maiden title in the institution. In the exciting final, the 3rd favorite defeated Athanasia Goga (No. 2) with 3-1 sets (8-11, 11-8, 11-9, 14-12), while just before she eliminated the number 1 with 3-0 sets of this tournament, Aphrodite Maroulis.

In the final of the girls, Apostolos Vatsaklis (number 3 in the favorites) and Dimitris-Marios Alexandridis (No. 4) gave a perfectly balanced match. Vatsaklis led 2-0, Alexandridis equalized and the final was written in favor of the first with a marginal difference (11-4, 11-9, 8-11, 9-11, 11-9). In the semi-finals, Vatsaklis eliminated the dominant player. until today in the category, Giorgos Sassani with 3-2 sets and Alexandridis the 2nd favorite, Spyros Fousekis with 3-1 sets.

Great game in the women’s final as well. Chen Yudie had… the last ball and with a 3-1 set against Aphrodite-Ioanna Sarikakis (No. 1) won her third consecutive first in the development (10-12, 12-10, 11-5, 13-11 ).

Giorgos Petrakis tasted the joy of the title in the mini-papaides. His third final this year was also… good, as he prevailed over Nikos Alexidis with 3-2 sets (4-11, 11-7, 5-11, 12-10, 11-8). The two children were also the undisputed favorites of the category.

Finally, in the mini pankorasides, the efforts of Argyros Koutroubas also brought a first gold medal to the institution. In her third medal appearance, she defeated Panagiota Tsekaris in the final with 3-0 sets (11-6, 11-9, 11-3).

The winners by category:


1. Alexandros Madesis (AEK)

2. Stathis Manolopoulos (EA Rethymno)

3. Giorgos Kosmas (DAO Tavros)


1. Zoe Kazakou (GAO Piraeus)

2. Qi Xinyu (AO Tataula)

3. Vasiliki Boula (OA of Chania)


1. Chrysovalantis Sambalis (Poseidon Loutrakiou)

2. Anastasios Fousekis (Poseidon Loutrakiou)

3. Dimitris Georgallidis (SPA Lykovrisis Pefkis)


1. Eugenia Kosmas (AO Dafni-Ymittou Life & Sports)

2. Athanasia Goga (GAS Elefsis)

3. Aphrodite Maroulis (AO Tataula)


1. Apostolos Vatsaklis (SPA Lykovrisis Pefkis)

2. Dimitris Alexandridis (Telamon of Salamina)

3. Giorgos Sassanis (Telamon of Salamina)


1. Chen Yudie (POK Esperos)

2. Aphrodite-Ioanna Sarikakis (GAS Elefsis)

3. Anastasia Michalaru (Voutzas Rafina’s progress)


1. Giorgos Petrakis (OA Chania)

2. Nikos Alexidis (AS Pera Thessaloniki)

3. Konstantinos Bellis (KHAN Athens)


1. Argyro Koutrouba (OA of Chania)

2. Panagiota Tsekaris (Sarises Florina)

3. Cleo Madesis (AO Heraklion 2001)


In the “minor” finals three boys’ matches were decided over five sets. It was in the juniors where Giorgos Sassanis beat Spyros Fusekis (Ikaros Kastritsiou) 3-2, in the juniors with Dimitris Georgallidis beating Panagiotis Skountzos (Roof 80) and in the juniors where Giorgos Kosmas defeated by the same score George- Nikos Gerakios (AEK). For the expatriate Gerakios, it should be added that he entered the semi-finals starting from the 25th seeding position.

In the girls, Aphrodite Marouli overcame Sofia Meligkonis (AO Dafnis-Ymittou Ev Zin & Athlisi) with 3-0 sets, in the juniors, Vasiliki Boula beat Georgia Spanou (Sarises Florina) by the same score, and in the pan girls, Anastasia Michalaru with a 3- 1 set by Anthi Tulia (both from Proodo Voutza Rafina).

In the mini singles, Konstantinos Bellis defeated Marios Kyriakides (AS Pera Thessaloniki) with a 3-1 set, and in the mini singles, Cleo Madesis defeated Natalia-Maria Bistola (AE Athena Maggoufanas) 3-0.


On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Pera (1923), the people of the association had spread, along the length of the hall, a large banner, which read “Pera Athletic Association – Athletic march from Istanbul to Athens”.

* With the medal of Pera, before the awards ceremony, the association awarded the president of EFOEPA and former champion of Greece and captain of the national team Kostas Papageorgiou. The award was made by the president of AS Pera, Viki Christoforidou.

* The vice-president of Pera Athens, Eliza Ferekidou, gave a small greeting on Saturday from the BAK stand. He welcomed the missions, expressed the joy of the historic club to organize another development tournament and finally announced that the gym was also presenting the hAlt program for people with or at risk of Alzheimer’s disease. He emphasized that the public can be informed about the benefits to the brain in general, but also to older people in particular, from playing table tennis.

* All participants were given bags of water, croissants, and a thank you card for their participation from AS Pera. In addition, one of the sponsors, the Dole company, set up a kiosk in the stands and gave people pineapples and bananas. Snacks and juices were of course also offered to the referees and the secretariat.

* Since the reason for treats was impressed by a move by the young player of Table Tennis of Taurus Anna Pagani on the occasion of her name day. He went to the gym on Saturday with two large boxes of donuts, containing almost 100 pieces and treated… everyone.

* In the 3-1 of Dimitris Alexandridis in the quarter-final against Michalis Bithavas the score in the last set referred to the old era of the sport… It ended with a score of 21-19 as if it was a match with the previous regulations. Also, in the quarter-finals and the match of Eugenia Kosmas with her teammate in AO Dafnis-Yimmitou Ev Zin & Athlisi, Andriani Drakontaidis, the 1st set in the final 3-1 ended with a score of 19-17.

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