Carvalhal: “Let’s react and show that the blood of winners flows inside us”


Statements ahead of the upcoming derby with AEK (7/1, 21:00) were made by the coach of Olympiakos, Carlos Carvalhalwho spoke about the reaction his team needs to show after their painful defeat by Lamia.

In detail what the coach of Olympiakos said:

On the reaction of his team after the defeat in Lamia: “In the life of football it can happen after a bad night that you quickly have the opportunity to turn the situation around. This is the message I pass on to my footballers. You have to react very quickly because the strong is the one who reacts very quickly.

There are bad nights, but you have to give an answer very quickly. This is what we are called to do and this is what I have asked of my players. Let’s quickly put behind what happened and focus completely on the next game to show that we are strong and can react”.

On whether the team’s football ego has been hurt: “Yes, without a doubt. No doubt we are hurt but it is an opportunity to show what kind of blood runs in our veins. It is an opportunity to show that the blood of winners flows inside. We have to show that we are strong and that we know how to react”.

On what Olympiacos must do to win against AEK: “We have to do everything better than we did in the last game. Everything has to be improved and in everything we have a much better picture. A lot of mistakes were made in the last game, but the biggest without a doubt was the lack of concentration.

We forgot that it is part of our obligations to be focused in all games and that was the biggest mistake we made. And there is certainly nothing better than going to a derby fully focused.

Of course we absolutely respect AEK because they are a very good team, but we should focus on ourselves. We have to play our best game and show our best selves. We have to believe in ourselves, have confidence and that’s what I say to my footballers. Have faith in themselves, show their good selves and go and claim the three points because our goal is only victory”.

For injury problems: “Fortounis is ready. We still don’t know about Biel. We have to wait a little longer. There is no other loss”.

The Olympiakos defender also spoke about the big derby, Omar Richardsstressing the need for him and his teammates to learn from their mistakes and stay focused from the opening minute against Union.

His statements in detail:

For the team’s reaction after the defeat in Lamia: “In the life of football, you have many opportunities to turn things around. Obviously we had a bad result but the fact that we have the game on Sunday puts all our attention there and we will try with all our strength to have a completely different performance and get a better result.”.

On what Olympiacos must do to win against AEK: “First of all we have to learn from the mistakes we made in the last game and then forget about that game and be fully focused from the first minute. We all have to play with confidence and believe in ourselves. We are Olympiacos and we have to play like Olympiacos. Let’s bring out the best, get a good performance and play a good game”.

On how close he is to reaching 100% readiness: “It’s hard to say because I’ve been out for a long time. However, I think I’m getting better and better each time. The more minutes I get the more I find myself. I’m definitely not at the top level I want right now, but I’m getting closer.”

Source: Sport Fm

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