Asteras Tripoli: Sidiropoulos and the wish not to repeat… the same project!


In Tripoli on Sunday, one of the matches of the competition and… season takes place. A crucial game, which may decide the entrance to the top six between the Star and the Fearless.

With the difference being three points, one realizes it how crucial the match is for both of them. A possible victory of the home team will send them to +6 and will essentially cut off the dreams of the guests, while a victory of Peristeriots will bring them to a tie and give them the upper hand in the case… playoffs.

The said game was appointed to be managed by the international Tasos Sidiropoulos. However, the definition of data did not ring well with the Arcades. Because we remember he was the referee of the home match with AEK, in which the Star had grievances and even expressed them in an official manner, issuing a harsh notice against the experienced referee. Where, among other things, he ironically characterized him as the pride of the Greek police and an unfit referee.

It’s only natural that there would be resentment and partly…concern. Because the yellow blue they hoped that the referee in question would not be assigned to their games again, after the complaints they had. However, there is the “wish” that the protagonists are the ones who should be in the fight: the footballers, their coaches, their staffs and no one else.

Sunday short holiday we say…

Source: Sport Fm

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