Papatheodorou: “We do not under any circumstances underestimate Panionios”


The fact that Mr Panionios playing in the Elite League Henry Dunan means nothing to his coach Prometheus, Elias Papatheodorouwho counts on Neosmyrniotes a lot, as he stated at the press conference of the Final 4 of the Cup ahead of Friday’s quarter-final.

For us it is very important that we are in the Final 8. It was one of our initial goals at the start of the preparation. Last year the team did not have the opportunity to participate, as it was not in the top eight of its standings. This year we managed relatively early and for us a big profit. The Cup is an institution of surprises as you know on the one hand, on the other hand Panionios last year respectively in a game against AEK in the quarter finals from the second national team had made an excellent performance, so we have no reason to underestimate a team that has a very good and experienced coach at a high level, who has potential A1 players and is also a historic team. We will prepare the way a Final 8 is required. It is a big challenge for us and we want to win to advance to the semi-final. To congratulate the EEC for today’s beautiful event and for the idea of ​​having the Women’s final alongside the Men’s, Every such action helps to develop and cultivate the world that basketball is united and can be led to great successes again».

Prometheus boss Anthony Cowan said: “Last year we didn’t make it and it’s definitely an extra motivation for us. We are excited about the event. There is a lot of talent in the Greek league and we can’t wait to compete and have a good game».

Source: Sport Fm

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