Bartzokas: “Whoever expects an easy match with Villeurbanne is wrong, we will be a difficult opponent with or without an advantage”


His mark for his upcoming match Olympiakou with Villerban gave the George Bartzokasspeaking at the Piraeus Media Day.

The 58-year-old coach pointed out that the “red and whites” do not have an easy task, while he also spoke about the goal of direct qualification to the Euroleague playoffs, stressing that his team will be a difficult opponent with or without a home advantage.

What he said in detail

About the match against Villeurbanne and whether there will be a comeback:Difficult… I will look at it in training now, but I think we will go as we were yesterday. They had a better 2-point and 3-point percentage than us. In general one would say that we did not start with the right approach. Of course, Efes is a team that if they score from the perimeter, they put both open shots and difficult marked shots, if they open the score and gain confidence, they have peripherals who can handle the situation very well. How we entered the game was wrong. In 50-50 phases they were tougher than us. They were more hungry. An explanation could be that we are coming from two months of consecutive victories in all competitions and we were not at a loss. And we have to bring it back immediately for tomorrow, because every game is very crucial.

Anyone expecting an easy match is wrong. They beat Efes, they won by 20 points and yesterday they had ten points in the fourth period and in the end they lost to Partizan, which is a very good team. There is no indifferent match in the Euroleague. They are a team that has athleticism, they can open the scoring, they have experience in the regionals, they have been playing very well lately and we expect a difficult game. It is by no means procedural».

On the progress of Olympiakos and the obstacles due to injuries:Team success is that Olympiacos claims to enter the play offs again. The point is to you are in the big dates of Greek and of European basketball and for the last three years we are. And in the Final Four. I think that with the difficulties we faced this year, getting into the play offs will be very important. From there, I always look at my team and if we are healthy, as well as mentally we will be ready, whether we have home advantage or not, we will be a difficult opponent for anyone».

On whether the defeat against Efes will do any good:You always get cocky when you win, it’s human nature. A defeat gives, especially to the coaches, the possibility to restart the team. To get back to the basics and the very important things that make you a winner. But it happens in all European teams. You see it too, there is no European team that does not lose. Real struggled a lot against Alba yesterday. There is no game that is easy. Zalgiris beat Virtus easily. I mean every game is a war, every game has its difficulty. We saw the roster and the quality of Efes, a team that will hardly make the play-ins and we all understand how competitive this league is».

Source: Sport Fm

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