Olympiacos, determined for the championship, stuck Panathinaikos to the wall!


Olympiacos is getting close to serving the title! The “red and white” were storming in the indoor gym “Melina Merkouri” against the bad Panathinaikos and with a weapon the unreachable serve prevailed over them 3-0 set in her second final Volleyball Leaguenow one win away from Their 32nd championship!

Night-monument for Olympiakos, as he had 15 aces in the match, including 12 until the middle of the second set, when Panathinaikos did not find a single point from his serve!

The “greens” are asking for a victory Thursday (18/4) in Metzin order not to lose the title without a fight, from the superior in both finals, Olympiacos!

The match:

The match was balanced in the first set with Panathinaikos having tragic service percentages and giving Olympiakos easy points. The home team, however, found answers in the block with Gustavao dominating the net and bringing his team to +3 for the first time (8-5).

The bad image of Panathinaikos behind the line continued, but the “greens” immediately equalized at 8-8, but they never managed to get a head on the score. And that’s because Stern found difficult points, while Koumendakis with two aces, Dzuric with a block and Hernandez’s error, made it easier for Olympiakos to score 1-0 (25-17).

The start of the second set by Pansthinaikos did not foretell the outcome of the match. The “greens” after being in favor 1-4, “went out” giving Olympiakos the right to dominate blocks and serves and build a safety margin early on.

The “red and white” serve was sensational and destroyed the reception of the “clover” at any moment, while Djuric, Gustavo and Stern took out defenses with great ease on Kovar who could not pass the ball to the opposing side.

Daniel Castellani’s side needed just 23 minutes to make it 2-0 in the set, which ended at 25-16.

Absolute balance in the third set with Panathinaikos significantly reducing their mistakes, but still not finding answers to the terrible serves of the Olympiakos players who reached 13 aces in the middle of the set. The “green” for the first time faced the home team in the net with the first year of Rangel being beneficial to the attack of the “clover” and helping to the lead of four points (16-20). But the fantastic, Mitar Djuric, the executor Hidalgo and the inaccessible Stern, brought the match to a tie (20-20). The “instability” of Panathinaikos returned as a result of which Olympiacos found a score and took a 23-22 lead after Protopsaltis made contact with the net at the most critical point (23-22) with Dimitris Andreopoulos calling a time-out. Panathinaikos was looking for answers and found, surprisingly, two points from the bad guy in the Kovar match, but the two aces from Olympiakos ended the final with 26-24 for 3-0.

THE SETS: 3-0 (25-17, 25-15, 26-24)

*Olympiakos’ points came from 15 aces, 32 attacks, 10 blocks and 19 opponent errors while Panathinaikos’ points came from 0 aces, 29 attacks, 5 blocks and 23 opponent errors

OLYMPIAN (Daniel Castellani): Stern 12 (8/19 ff., 3 aces, 1 block), Gustavao 9 (4/6 ff., 1 ace, 4 blocks), Koumentakis 7 (4/13 ff., 3 aces, 21% sub. – 14 % excellent), Travisa 4 (1 ace, 3 blocks), Djuric 10 (5/8 ref., 4 aces, 1 block), Hidalgo 15 (11/20 ref., 3 aces, 1 block, 37% ref. – 26% excellent) / Tziavras (min., 29% sub. – 21% excellent)

PANATHINAIKOS (Dimitris Andreopoulos): Kasambalis 3 (2/4 ref., 1 block), Kovar 8 (6/18 ref., 2 blocks, 37% sub. – 21% excellent), Rangel 7 (6/10 ref., 1 block), Hernandez 6 (6/20 ff.), Voulkidis 7 (6/9 ff., 1 block), Protopsaltis 3 (3/10 ff., 30% sub. – 25% excellent) / Zisis (min., 20% sub. – 20% excellent), Petreas, Markou, Fragos, Kontostathis (l., 50% sub. – 50% excellent)

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