The spirited Real defeated City and went into a titanic battle with Bayern!


And at the end the queen passes!

THE Manchester City she might have been superior, but she failed to turn her superiority into more than… one goal, leaving her out of Europe! Because the spirited Real Madrid had him as a hero Lunin in the penalty shootout (s. caught two) and managed to dry up Guardiola’s team in the “Etihad”, making an appointment in the semi-finals of the Champions League with Bayern Munich for… titanic battle!

Rodrigo had opened the scoring in the 12th minute for Madrid who played a full defense afterwards, with City equalizing in the last quarter through De Bruyne but wasting a bagful of chances in the 120-plus minutes of the game.

Destabilization for the European champion who goes… home, Ancelotti’s team aims for the 15th trophy with big ears!

The match

City came into the match better, having their first chance only in the 8th minute when De Bruyne produced a fine turn aimed at Haaland, but Lunin came out to block. In the 12th minute, Real went on the counter quickly and managed to open the scoring. In particular, Vinicius turned to Rodrigo who executed, Ederson did not clear well, with Rodrigo taking the rebound and making it 1-0 from close range.

Pep Guardiola’s team was not particularly daunted by the quick lead of the “queen” and constantly tried to equalize. In the 19th minute, the “citizens” even missed an incredible triple chance for 1-1. De Bruyne turns, Lunin temporarily clears, then Haaland sees his header stop on the crossbar and Bernardo Silva’s touch sends the ball wide!

In the 24th minute, Real had a good chance to double their lead, with Carvajal’s shot from a vantage point stopping on the bodies, Valverde then tried his feet, but the ball eventually went wide. From then on, the hosts were camped in the opposing frames and constantly threatened, however they did not achieve anything until the end of the first half and so Carlo Ancelotti’s team went to the dressing room with a lead (0-1).

City entered the second half of the match at the same pace, coming within a breath of a goal in the 51st minute. In particular, Lunin was well clear of his goal and Nacho nearly scored an own goal under pressure from Haaland, with the Real defender clearing the ball over the line.

The home team constantly circulated the ball and constantly threatened the opposition goal, with the visitors playing mainly on the counterattack but without being able to create the slightest chance. City’s dominance finally turned into a goal in the 76th minute. Doku crossed, Real’s defense didn’t clear well, with De Bruyne taking the rebound and scoring from close range for 1-1.

In the 82nd minute, the “citizens” had another great chance when Rodri made an excellent turn, but the unguarded De Bruyne from the height of the penalty shot went over the goal! As the minutes ticked by, Guardiola’s side kept looking for the second goal, with Ancelotti’s looking set to take the match to extra time. As it happened in the end, with the game going to the extra half hour.

Nothing changed in overtime. City pressed, had possession but struggled to break down Real Madrid’s well-oiled defensive wall didn’t allow them to, limiting them to inconsequential possession. The phases were few, the emotions… less and the visitors seemed to settle more for the idea of ​​penalties, although they also had the only great chance with the promoted Riediger executing a high shot from an advantageous point. The extra half hour passed without blood for the two gladiators and the match was fatally led to penalties.

The penalty shootout was sensational. For Alvarez made it 1-0 and Ederson grabbed Modric’s penalty, but then Lunin headed in Bernardo Silva and Kovacic. For 4/4 to come next from Madrid (Bellingham, Vasquez, Nacho and Riedinger the winner), with those of Foden and Ederson not being enough…

MVP: Undoubtedly Lunin, who in the knockout matches of the Champions League has taken Real Madrid by the hand and is leading them!

Source: Sport Fm

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