Marinakis: “Next dream is Europa, other Greek teams will take it too – Thank you New Philadelphia”


Obviously moved, with his voice “breaking” at several moments, Mr Vangelis Marinakis talk about her conquest of the Conference League by Olympiakos and estimated that it can be the beginning for other international titles from Greek football. At the same time, he thanked New Philadelphia for the hospitality.

We are very happy and proud. The people of Olympiakos have been singing about a crazy dream for 99 years. As many years as I traveled, I saw children from all over the world leaving upset because of certain unfortunate or bad times, whether in Italy, England, Spain, OAKA, Piraeus… When I took over Olympiakos – because it’s not bought, it’s an idea – I wanted to see these kids happy because they deserve it. Today is not a crazy dream, it is reality, here in Greece. We had a very good hospitality in New Philadelphia and I want to thank them. Today all of Greece will celebrate. It was something we owed to all Greeks, to the children who have left, to my father, Savvas, at Door 7. These are moments of emotion and great joy. We continue not only to dream, but also to soar high. It is a collective justification and we are lucky because usually the plate of justification is eaten cold. Today we ate it hot. We’re moving on. Here we go, the Europa League could be next. You saw what our young people did this year. We are very happy for these lads who won the Youth Champions League, we will be by their side as they continue to excel“, emphasized the powerful man of PAE.

What I said to the captains, the coach and my colleagues that we should all concentrate and not think about anything else, only the victory. If you focus and want it bad enough, you will achieve it. I had said the same to the Youth two rounds before. When you reach the final and you’ve beaten Champions League teams, it’s not a dream, it’s a reality. We would never lose today, especially in Greece. I was sure, I broadcast it to everyone and you saw the result. There is chaos in Greece, all over the world. This wonderful world deserved it, there are 3, 4, 5 million in Greece. We did this for all of Greece and had the aura of all Greeks. We did it alone and against too many“, he added.

What all Greeks must understand is that we have made the beginning. We have made a start, I am sure that in the coming years other Greek teams will achieve it as well. The next dream is a Europa League. It’s very good in Bilbao, Ernesto is also there who celebrated with us today. I have him in my heart. We celebrate, long live Greece, Olympiacos, our Piraeus“, concluded.

Source: Sport Fm

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