Roblox: Gaming platform back up after three days down


São Paulo

After three days off the air, Roblox reported that it was back in operation this Sunday night (31). Netizens had been complaining since Friday (29) about the interruption of the gaming platform and were asking for a solution to the problem.

“Roblox is online again. Thanks again for your understanding and support. Our CEO, David Baszucki, shared an update on the outage and the steps taken to resolve it,” reads the message on the company’s official Twitter account.

Even with the return of the gaming platform, internet users complained about the delay. “Give people free roblox to deal with their mess. It’s that easy or you’ll lose players,” wrote one netizen.

Another user of the platform commented that it was the worst 72 hours of her life. “I woke up today trying to get into Roblox, but the site was down, I had a big panic attack. I couldn’t even sleep… I’m so broken hearted. Roblox is my main game!”

Roblox is a gaming platform with which some teenagers are earning millions and which this year surpassed the number of users of the popular “Minecraft”, according to BBC Brasil.

In 2015, the platform had only 5 million monthly players. But at the end of July this year, they already totaled 62 million — 8 million of them in Latin America alone.

The original idea when engineer David Baszucki created the platform was that children would use it to create objects while learning physics concepts. But the students found a more interesting use: they started designing their own worlds.

That’s how the company decided to open the program to allow game development. As a result, more than 29 million of them were born on the platform.


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