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Zoom lays off 1,300 of its employees worldwide


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Zoom announced on Tuesday (7) the layoff of 1,300 employees in the United States and other countries. The number represents 15% of the company’s payroll.

The startup behind the videoconferencing platform for the corporate world has only 12 employees in Brazil, according to LinkedIn. Sought, the company did not answer whether the cuts will affect employees in the country, only indicated the reading of the statement that it published on its blog.

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On that note, Zoom CEO Eric Yuan justified the cuts by instability in the global economy. The negative scenario led to the layoffs of thousands of employees at Microsoft, Amazon, Dell, Meta, among other technology companies.

According to the executive, his team has grown three times in the last 24 months to adapt to the demands arising from the Covid-19 pandemic.

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“We work tirelessly to make Zoom better for our customers and users. But we also make mistakes. We don’t invest as much time in reviews of our teams and resources to check that we are growing sustainably towards our priorities,” he wrote.

He says, however, that people and businesses continue to depend on the videoconferencing platform to communicate. The decision would serve a long-term strategy.

Yuan also announced the reduction of his salary by 98% and the waiver of the corporate bonus to which he would be entitled in 2023. Other executives at the startup will have their remuneration reduced by 20% this year.

According to the CEO of Zoom, the dismissal processes will respect the labor standards of the country where the employee works.

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