Hillary Clinton warns: Cryptocurrencies could weaken entire states


Hillary Clinton, a former US Secretary of State and former Democratic presidential candidate, rang the bell about cryptocurrencies.

As he argued, cryptocurrencies have the power to weaken entire states. At the same time, he accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of developing a very large group of hackers “and those involved in misinformation and cyber-attacks.”

Governments around the world face a number of new challenges, including misinformation and artificial intelligence, Clinton told the Bloomberg New Economy Forum in Singapore.

“Another area in which I hope states will start to pay more attention is the rise of cryptocurrencies. Because what seems like a very interesting and somewhat exotic attempt to mine new currencies in order to exchange them, has the potential to undermine currencies, to undermine the role of the dollar as a currency reserve currency, to destabilize nations, perhaps starting with some small “but in the process moving towards the much bigger ones”, he stressed.



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