The Guards of the Revolution published a video – They claim that it shows the attack on the Greek tankers


Video that allegedly shows the moment of the attack of the Revolutionary Guards on the two Greek tankers, the Delta Poseidon and the Prudent Warrior in the Persian Gulf, posted the channel of the Guards of the Revolution.

The video, reminiscent of a first-person perspective digital game, shows armed Iranians attacking by helicopter and boat. Video posted and on the Iranian site presstv.

The authenticity of the plans cannot be verified.

State Department intervention

The strong condemnation of the United States for confiscation of the two Greek tankers from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran conveyed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Anthony Blinken during a telephone conversation he had with his Greek counterpart Nikos Dendia.

According to his announcement State Departmentthe two ministers agreed that Iran must immediately release both the seized ships and their cargoes and crews. For his part, Anthony Blinken noted that the continuing harassment of ships by Iran and the interference with the rights and freedoms of navigation pose a threat to maritime safety and the global economy.

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