Alarm in Brussels: Van “invaded” a cafe – 6 injured – Watch video

Alarm in Brussels: Van “invaded” a cafe – 6 injured – Watch video

Photos from the scene show tables and chairs scattered in the outdoor space outside the cafe.

The driver of a van plowed his vehicle into the outdoor area of ​​a coffee shop in the center of Brussels, slightly injuring six people and causing shockwaves, the Brussels fire service and prosecutor’s office said.

The driver of the van left the vehicle after the incident just before 1.00pm. local time (14:00 Greek time) and is still on the run, a spokesman for the Brussels prosecutor’s office said.

None of the injured had to be taken to hospital.

It is not clear whether the incident was an accident or intentional, although witnesses told Belgian media that the van entered Avenue Saint-Michel, which leads into a busy shopping district, with its tires screeching, appearing to be aiming for the cafe. and moved away at great speed.

Phillipe Close, mayor of Brussels, told the newspaper Le Soir that the van was “travelling at an extremely high speed and heading towards the terrace”., RES-MPE

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