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Florida on alert for Hurricane Ian – Area evacuation orders


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The hurricane, which has now become a major storm, is headed for the state’s southwest coast

Its residents are on alert Florida who are preparing for Hurricane Ian, which is expected to hit the state hard Tuesday night.

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The typhoon, which has now become a powerful storm, is heading towards the south-west coast of the state with authorities already ordering evacuations.

According to forecasts, the typhoon passed through western Cuba on Tuesday morning, making landfall around 4.30am. local time. The National Weather Service said Tuesday morning that the storm will likely head north-northeast into the Gulf of Mexico, where it is likely to gain strength but lose speed.

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Hurricane Ian will be the first major hurricane of 2022 to hit the US. Last year, Mr Hurricane Ida Category 4 earthquake hits Louisiana causing about $75 billion in damage.

Florida Governor Ron DeSandis declared a state of emergency last Sunday and urged residents to follow evacuation orders.

The typhoon passed the west coast of Cuba yesterday, causing heavy rains and winds that forced the authorities to evacuate about 50,000 citizens from their homes.

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