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Medvedev’s Warning to Israel: Don’t Arm Ukraine


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“Israel appears to be preparing to supply arms to the Kiev regime. Very impulsive step”

Warning to Israel not to arm Ukraine addressed on Monday o Dmitry Medvedevthreatening that otherwise, bilateral relations with Russia “will be destroyed”.

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“Israel appears to be preparing to supply arms to the Kiev regime. Very impulsive step. It will destroy all interstate relations between our countries,” said the former president of Russia and vice-chairman of the Russian Security Council.

“I’m not talking about the Bandera bastards being Nazis and staying that way. It is enough to look at the symbolism of their modern bravos. If they are equipped with weapons, then Israel will declare Bandera and Sukevic its heroes…” he added.

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Medvedev refers to Stepan Bandera Ukrainian ideologue and theorist of Ukrainian nationalism and the leader of the Ukrainian Revolutionary Army Roman Shukevich.

Appeal to Israel to give Ukraine anti-aircraft systems to counter Russia’s Iranian kamikaze drones, the country’s authorities said earlier.

“The Iranian drones attacking Ukraine were probably built to attack Israel. Israel knows better than anyone what it’s like to fight terrorists. We are asking Israel to give us air defense systems and defensive weapons – they are extremely important when we are dealing with terrorists,” Ukrainian Interior Ministry adviser Anton Gerashchenko said.

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