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“Greece and Italy are the cradle of Western civilization, I will not limit freedoms,” says Meloni


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What the Prime Minister of Italy said presenting her government program in view of the vote of confidence

Italy’s new Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni intervened today in the Parliament of Rome, where he presented his government program, ahead of tonight’s vote of confidence.

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With a particularly detailed speech, the Italian prime minister underlined that in the labor field her government will offer new protection to freelancers and self-employed workers and will reduce the tax burden.

He referred to the phrase of Pope Francis, that “the gateway to human dignity is work” and added that “anyone who can work should not find the “social unemployment allowance” as a solution, but the possibility of employment”. In relation to businesses, he promised less bureaucracy, but also an immediate reduction in work accidents.

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Georgia Meloni repeated that her government will promote constitutional reform with the aim of adopting the presidential system and indicated as a possible solution, which may lead to an eventual agreement with the opposition, the French semi-presidential system.

“We will protect Made in Italy and promote our food sovereignty, so that we do not depend on distant countries to give food to our children,” the new Italian Prime Minister emphasized. At the same time, she pledged that her government would also increase the autonomy of local self-government.

“We will respect the commitments of the Recovery Plan and agree with the European Commission the necessary changes, especially due to the increase in raw materials, in a realistic and not an ideological way,” Georgia Meloni pointed out.

“To the young people who will take to the streets and challenge us, I want to say: ‘remain free,'” he added. He emphasized that he will increase support for families and the employment of women, through the help of businesses. The Italian prime minister has confirmed that her country will remain firmly within the EU, NATO and the West. “Italy, along with Greece, is the cradle of Western civilization and the value system based on freedom and democracy,” he said characteristically.

“We will never limit freedoms. We will see, in practice and with regard to social rights and abortion, who lied and who did not in the pre-election period. I have never shown sympathy for undemocratic regimes or fascism. I abhor racial laws against Jews”, Meloni pointed out. He also emphasized that “from a young age, he felt the aroma of Democracy” and that “her government will fight against all forms of racism, political violence and discrimination”.

Regarding Italy’s wider economic situation, he admitted that the situation is particularly difficult and added that his government will extend the reduction of VAT on basic goods to 5%. Referring to the management of the coronavirus pandemic, the new Italian prime minister underlined that “it should be clarified what kind of handling this crisis received” and that “the same policy of the past, which was based only on prohibitions, will not be implemented”.

Georgia Meloni also stated that her government will do everything possible to fight the mafia“always keeping your head up” and referred to many well-known heroes of the resistance against the “mafia cancer”.

In relation to energy, the Italian Prime Minister underlined that “at the last European Summit, steps were taken, but they are not enough” and that “as an absolute priority, (her) government will continue to support households and businesses that are going through such a difficult phase ».

Regarding immigration, he underlined: “no one enters Italy illegally, just as they do not enter any other serious country. We want to stop illegal landings of migrants, human trafficking in the Mediterranean. With a return to the original idea of ​​the Sophia mission which, in its third phase, provided for the termination of the landings from North Africa”. Meloni made it clear that her country will welcome those entitled to asylum, “but without the traffickers choosing who should come to Italy”. He also proposed a cooperation program between Europe and Africa, with the aim of its substantial development.

“I became prime minister and got this far, overturning all predictions. Something I want to keep doing. We will do everything we can, but we will not back down and we will not betray,” concluded the head of the Italian government.


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