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New Zealand: The open mic “betrayed” the prime minister’s indecent comment: “What an arrogant m@λ@kas” – Watch video


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The prime minister of New Zealand did not hold her temper and used an inappropriate comment about her political opponent for which she was later forced to apologize.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern fell victim to the open mic, who couldn’t contain her nerves and was forced to apologize for the indecent and offensive comment she made about her political rival from the ACT Party, David Seymour.

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“We always made decisions that we felt were in the best interests of New Zealand at the time,” Ardern said, with microphones capturing her then whispering “what an arrogant f@@@@@s”, after a question from Seymour.

In the House session Seymour peppered her with a series of questions, provoking her fury.

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“Can the Prime Minister give us an example of when she made a mistake, then apologized and corrected it?” Seymour asked.

The question sparked a furious Ardern’s response and then her abusive comment, which was picked up on microphones, forcing her to apologize in a text message to her rival. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that,” she reportedly wrote in her message. He added: “As my mother would say, if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it.”

Seymour said he accepted the apology and wished Ardern a “Merry Christmas” but later used her … French to launch another attack on her in an interview. “Some days I’m a useless Maori, other days I’m an arrogant m@@@@@s,” he said. “The apology we expect is for New Zealanders who are worried about the price increases.”

In recent months, Ardern’s popularity has fallen to its lowest level since she took power in New Zealand five years ago.

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