Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson suggested his fatherStanley Johnson, for knighthood in the relevant list of persons he wants to honor as outgoing leader, he is mentioned in today’s article in The Times newspaper, which caused accusations of favoritism.

The Times reports that Johnson suggested 100 names to be honored. His predecessors Theresa May and David Cameron had proposed almost 60 each. The newspaper did not specify in recognition of what service Stanley Johnson was nominated for.

Johnson’s father is a former MEP, author and television personality. He acquired French citizenship last year.

A spokesman for the former prime minister declined to comment.

All outgoing British leaders have the right to draw up a list of their ‘retirement honours’ for knighthoods and others. The title of knight or dame raises the public profile of a person, who is now addressed as ‘Sir’ or ‘Dame’.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has the power to block such nominations for honorary titles. His science minister, Michelle Donnellan, said there were “more important things” when asked if she would have a problem knighting Johnson’s father.

“Obviously it’s a prerogative of the former prime minister to be able to make appointments like that, but we’ll see if that story is true or not,” he told LBC radio.

Opposition Labor health policy chief Wes Streeting told the BBC: “I think (the list of prices on his exit) shows a pattern of behavior by Boris Johnson around favouritism.”

As prime minister, Johnson installed his brother, Jo Johnson, in the House of Lords, the upper house of parliament, where he holds a life seat.