Ukrainian special services and naval forces are behind the attack on the Crimean bridge carried out with the assistance of “naval drones”, a source of the Ukrainian special services (SBU) said.

“Today’s attack on the Crimean bridge is a special operation of the SBU and the Navy,” the source told AFP, clarifying that “the bridge was attacked with the assistance of naval drones.”

Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova today accused Ukraine of carrying out an attack on the bridge connecting Russia to Crimea with the involvement of Britain and the US.

Zakharova provided no evidence to support this claim.

“Today’s attack on the Crimean bridge was carried out by the Kiev regime. This regime is terrorist and has all the characteristics of an international organized crime organization,” noted the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry.

“Decisions are made by Ukrainian officials and the military with the direct involvement of US and British intelligence services and politicians. The US and Britain lead a terrorist state structure,” Zakharova noted.

Two explosions that took place on the Crimean bridge caused extensive damage and the interruption of vehicular traffic. Earlier, the Russian authorities reported that there were two dead from the strike.

According to the governor of Russia’s Belgorod (southern) region, Vyacheslav Gladkov, the explosion killed the parents of a girl and injured the child as they were traveling in an SUV on the Crimean bridge in the early hours of this morning.

The Crimean bridge connects the peninsula to mainland Russia and is considered part of a key supply route for the Russian armed forces in Ukraine.

Earlier, the Russian state news agency TASS – citing the Ministry of Transport – reported that the section of the Crimean bridge through which cars pass and connects the peninsula with Russia has been damaged.