Spanish aerospace company PLD Space today launched its Miura-1 reusable rocket from a base in Huelva in southwestern Spain, giving new life to European space ambitions.

The test launch was a success after two previous attempts failed at para five. The Miura-1 rocket (named after the famous Miura bull breed) is the height of a three-story building and can carry a payload of 100 kilograms.

Video from mission control showed the excitement as the rocket rose into the Huelva night sky, with those in charge cheering and congratulating each other.

Last May, the first launch attempt of the Miura-1 rocket was aborted due to strong winds. A second attempt, in June, failed due to a technical problem.

Today’s test launch was the first of two planned suborbital missions. Analysts point out that the big bet for PLD Space is the development of a larger rocket, the Miura-5, designed to carry satellites. The maiden mission of Miura-5 is expected in 2025.