Honduras restores diplomatic relations with Venezuela


The new government of left-wing President Siomara Castro in Honduras has restored diplomatic relations with Nicolas Maduro’s Venezuela and will maintain them with Taiwan, Foreign Minister Eduardo Enrique Reina announced on Thursday.

“Diplomatic relations with the Bolivarian government of Venezuela have been restored and, in the case of Taiwan, we will maintain them,” the new foreign minister was quoted as saying by AFP.

“Relations with the government of Nicolas Maduro have been” restored since January 27 “, the day the new president was sworn in, which was attended by a Caracas government delegation led by the deputy foreign minister, Reina said. The new Venezuelan ambassador “is expected to arrive soon,” he added.

On January 27, representatives of Mr Maduro’s government regained control of the Venezuelan embassy in Tegucigalpa, which had been vacated a few days earlier by diplomats appointed in 2019 by opposition leader Juan Guaido. States. The governments of these states consider the re-election of Mr. Maduro in 2018 as not taking place.

President Siomara Castro is the wife of Manuel Selaya, who was ousted in the 2009 military coup in part because of his ties to Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela. During the Honduran election campaign, Ms. Castro’s opponents called her a “communist.”

As for Taiwan, the Honduran Foreign Minister praised the visit of Vice President William Lai Ching-te to attend the inauguration of Ms. Castro.

Before reconsidering her position, President Castro said in the run-up to the election that she intended to re-establish diplomatic relations with China, which by definition would mean severing ties with Taiwan.

Beijing considers Taiwan part of China and rules out the possibility of states recognizing it from maintaining diplomatic relations with it and the island at the same time.

Honduras is one of the 14 remaining countries that have diplomatic relations with Taiwan, after Nicaragua turned its back on it in December, announcing that it has diplomatic relations with Beijing.

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