An Israeli who had been kidnapped in her attack Hamas on October 7 was “murdered” in Gaza by his captors, the kibbutz where the man lived and an association of Israeli families said, a day after Hamas reported the Israeli’s death.

“It is with great sadness and heartbreak that we announce that Mr Sahar Baruch (25 years old) was murdered,” the Hostage Families Forum and the Kibbutz Beeri.

Sahar Baruch “had been kidnapped from his home by Hamas terrorists and then taken to Gauze and was killed there,” the statement said, adding that his brother, Idan, was also killed on October 7.

THE Israeli army yesterday acknowledged the failure of an operation to free hostages in which two Israeli soldiers were seriously injured.

“No hostages were rescued,” he added, without elucidating the fate of those hostages, stressing that “several terrorists involved in the kidnapping and detention of the hostages were killed.”

Yesterday the Ezzedine Al Qassam Brigadesthe armed wing of Hamas, announced that they had repelled a hostage release operation by Israeli special forces in the Gaza Strip, that the Israeli group had suffered a large number of casualties and that one hostage was killed in the incident.

Hamas then released a video showing the body of a man identified in the video as Sahar Baruch.

According to the Israeli government, 138 hostages are still being held in Gaza after the release in late November, as part of a deal between Israel and Hamas, of 105 people who had been kidnapped, including 80 Israelis, in exchange for the release of 240 Palestinians held in Israel.