Jews and pro-Israel demonstrators are now face to face in The Hague with Palestinians and demonstrators in solidarity with Palestine. However, so far no incident has occurred.

Israel has genocidal intent against the Palestinians in Gaza, a representative of South Africa said on Thursday before the International Court of Justice in The Hague, where hearings began today to examine Pretoria’s application that calls for an immediate end to Israel’s military operations where it is “committing genocide against the Palestinians ».

The attack by Hamas on October 7 cannot justify Israel’s violation of the Genocide Convention, a South African representative told the UN tribunal.

“No armed attack against the territory of a state, however serious it may be (…) cannot justify a breach of the convention,” said South African Justice Minister Ronald Lamola.


Israeli military operations in Gaza have pushed the population to the brink of starvation, a South African lawyer told the Court. The situation is such that experts now predict more people are likely to die of starvation and disease. rather than by direct military actionsaid Adila Hashim.


During the two-day proceedings, the UN Court will hear South Africa’s argument during today’s session and Israel’s response during tomorrow’s session.

The court decision on taking emergency measures is expected within the month. The Court will not judge within that time period if claimant South Africa’s allegations of genocide are true.