The organization Islamic state confirmed the arrest today in Russia of its four members, perpetrators of the murderous attack at a concert hall near Moscow, the day after new charges by the Russian authorities who complained “relations with Ukrainian nationalists”.

Responsibility for the March 22 attackwhich caused 143 deaths a week ago in Crocus City Hallhas already taken over IS, but Russian officials insist on Ukrainian script. For its part, Kiev denies any involvement in the massacre.

THE al-Nabaathe jihadist organization’s weekly newspaper, confirms today that “four fighters, who are soldiers of the caliphate”attacked the concert hall on the outskirts of Moscow.

Three of them used minecraft while the fourth faces charges of causing a fireaccording to al-Nabaa, which was made public on the jihadist organization’s channels on the Telegram application.

The attackers were then targeted by a “pursuit» by ground and air forces which ended with “encirclement» them in a forest.

“May God deliver them from their captivity”said the al-Nabaa.

The attack, the deadliest in 20 years in Russia, killed at least 143 people and injured 360 others, including children. Russian authorities had previously said 11 people had been arrested, including the four alleged attackers. Eight were charged and remanded in custody.

Yesterday, Thursday, Russian Investigative Committeethe body that undertakes the main criminal investigations, announced that the perpetrators of the attack had “relations with Ukrainian nationalists” and had received “significant” sums of money originating in Ukraine.

President Vladimir Putin himself said that the four attackers were arrested in Russia’s Bryansk region while trying to flee to Ukrainewhere a “window” that would allow them to cross the border, had been prepared by the Ukrainian side.

The Director of the Russian Security Service (FSB), Alexander Bortnikov, for his part, had accused the Ukrainian and Western secret services of “facilitating” the attack.