Survivor in Dubai turned out to be out of nowhere o George Asimakopoulosas he is stranded at the city’s airport due to the floods.

“We’re still at the airport, we’ve had incredible trouble,” the businessman, who was a player on Survivor, told SKAI and the Mismatched.

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“We don’t know if we will get our luggage, we don’t know if we will fly today, yesterday imagine that from the hotel where I was staying to go to the airport I took 3.5 hours by taxi. There is general chaos… We saw a simple rain, people don’t know about rain, they don’t know about these weather phenomena, they don’t have the infrastructure to withstand it.”

“We were walking and there was water everywhere… Plaster was falling from the roof… They are looking for a pharmacy for their medication.”

“There is no update… I’m at the airport, I fell asleep on a chair and I’m just waiting… I can’t even go out, there’s no subway, no taxi.”

“About 48 flights have been canceled as far as I know the platform where the planes leave was a lake… it was sea, planes can’t fly” added Giorgos Asimakopoulos, noting that drops were falling next to his bed in the hotel where he was staying.