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C6 Bank leads BC’s complaints ranking for the 3rd time in a row; see list


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C6 Bank is the leader in complaints in the first quarter of this year among the 15 largest financial institutions in the country, with an index of 77.99 points, according to a ranking released by the Central Bank this Thursday (21). The institution appears at the top of the list for the third consecutive time.

The bank, which has more than 16 million customers, received 1,265 complaints in the first three months of the year. BTG Pactual/Banco Pan appears in second place on the list, with 68.20 points, having registered 1,290 complaints from a portfolio of 18.9 million customers. Banco Inter is in third place, with 48.85 points, with 833 valid complaints among 17 million customers.

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The indicator takes into account the total number of complaints considered valid divided by the number of clients of each institution and multiplied by one million. The worse the performance in the period, the higher the score obtained.

Most of the complaints against C6 Bank were about irregularities related to “integrity, reliability, security, secrecy or legitimacy of operations and services, except those related to credit card, debit card, internet banking, ATM, acquirer and credit.”

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Irregularities related to credit card-related services are also among the complaints, as well as inadequately offering or providing information about payroll-deductible credit.

In a note, the three leaders of the ranking –C6 Bank, Banco Pan and Inter– said they are investing efforts to promote improvements in the experience of their customers.

The first ranking of complaints of the year was released with a delay of three months due to the strike by BC servers, which lasted from April 1st to July 5th, with a two-week truce in the period. The list would originally be published on April 20.

This Thursday, the BC announced the cancellation of the disclosure of the list for the second quarter, which was scheduled for this month of July. “For the same reason [recente greve]the calculation of the second quarter complaints ranking was impaired, preventing its publication”.

According to the monetary authority, programming will return to normal in October, when the ranking will be published with complaints related to the third quarter of the year. The BC also reported that the ombudsman quality ranking was discontinued.

“Relevant information related to the ombudsman service of the regulated institutions will be incorporated into the ranking of complaints, increasing the accuracy and quality of the analysis”, he said.

Position Financial institution Index Claims Customers
1st C6 Bank 77.69 1,265 16,218,908

BTG Pactual/Banco Pan

68.20 1,290 18,913,034
3rd Inter 48.85 833 17,049,709
4th BMG 47.20 489 10,358,318
5th Santander 27.37 1,589 58,048,730
6th Bradesco 25.22 2,587 102,567,618
7th Credit Market 24.96 800 32,050,707
8th Original 21.59 822 38,069,786
9th PagBank-PagSeguro 14.87 345 23,191,620
10th Cashier 13.17 1,911 145,044,033
11th Bank of Brazil 12.32 891 72,316,273
12th Itau 12.26 1,136 92,631,221
13th Votorantim (BV) 8.17 179 21,892,612
14th Nubank 7.48 410 54,748,336
15th Midway SA 2.87 31 10,786,244
Source: central bank

Among the other institutions that are part of the second group, the Digimais bank led the BC complaints ranking, with 657.93 points, followed by Master (601.71) and Neon (441.13).

In a statement, Master and Neon said they are working to improve their services and improve customer service. Digimais bank, contacted by the ombudsman channel and by telephone, did not respond until the publication of this report.

In recent years, the BC has promoted some changes in the ranking’s methodology. Today, the list is divided into two groups, the first being composed of the 15 largest institutions in the country in terms of number of clients. Until the last quarter of 2021, the list consisted of ten entities.

According to the monetary authority, the addition sought “to show society a more complete picture of the current market, which is increasingly dynamic”.

In January of this year, the BC also included payment institutions in the ranking. “IPs have become increasingly relevant in the market, both in terms of products and services offered, as well as due to the growing increase in their customer base and the complaints received by the BC”, he said.

The second group is formed by other institutions, as long as they have at least 30 well-founded complaints closed in the quarter.


C6 Bank informed in a note that “reducing the number of complaints and increasing the solution rate in internal channels are priorities” of the institution.

“Since it appeared in the ranking that brings together institutions with more than 10 million customers, C6 Bank has recorded consecutive drops in the Central Bank index, with an improvement of 47.85%, compared to the result of the 3rd quarter of 2021”, said.

“Among the initiatives developed in recent months are the training, specialization and expansion of service teams. We created multidisciplinary groups to review the consumer’s journey and improve processes and systems. excellence in solving customer demands”, he added.

The institution concluded by saying that it will continue to invest “efforts to promote constant improvements in the operation”.

Banco Pan reported that “it has adopted concrete measures to constantly improve the experience of its customers, modernize the market and a consequent reduction in the number of complaints”.

As examples, he cited “the pioneering spirit in the digitization of processes and the inclusion of tools and services in the bank’s application that improve the experience and offer additional layers of protection to customers, such as the authentication of operations via facial recognition”.

The institution also said it reinforces “its position of respect for customers” and is “available in all its service channels”.

Inter stated that “it has been working continuously to improve all its service channels and that it continues to invest to guarantee the best possible experience for its more than 20 million customers.”

“The institution registers 83 points in the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which places it among the highest in the banking sector and keeps Inter in the zone of excellence. The index measures the level of customer satisfaction with products and services and monitors all the journey on the platform,” he added.

The bank reinforced “its commitment to respect its customers and its purpose of offering a complete journey, from the bank to the mall, digital and free for all.”

BMG said it reaffirmed its “commitment and commitment to resolving cases in a timely manner and carrying out process reviews”, highlighting that it “provides a diverse range of official service channels for the resolution of demands, in order to guarantee the best experience for its customers. “.

Santander stated that it “continuously works to improve its processes, offers and customer service, making them simpler and more agile to ensure consumer satisfaction with the bank.”

Bradesco, in turn, guaranteed to carry out “intense work in monitoring the manifestations and prioritizing the forwarding of solutions”.

“Reducing complaint rates is a permanent focus of the bank. All notes are closely monitored by the Ombudsman. The objective is to offer quality service to all customers and users of its products and services. of absolute respect for the client and their interests”, he added.

Mercado Crédito highlighted that it “continuously invests in tools and teams to ensure the best user experience, both in terms of customer service and in its offer of financial services.”

“Our 1st and 2nd level service channels continually search for opportunities to improve processes, products and systems, always focusing on customer satisfaction,” he said. The institution highlighted that it maintains service channels, inside and outside the application, for any questions and guidance.

Caixa highlighted the result obtained, saying that “it occupies the 10th position in the ranking of complaints, among the 15 largest financial institutions in the country, the best position ever occupied since the Central Bank started the historical series.”

“The bank continues to improve its services and products to offer an increasingly better service to its customers, prioritizing the reduction of complaints and the increase of the solution in all channels, internal and external”, he said.

The positioning on the list was also praised by Banco do Brasil. “BB surpassed the performance record in the ranking, with the rate of complaints reaching its lowest historical level, as a result of a strategy that increasingly has the customer at the center”, he said.

“It’s the first time that our index is below a thousand occurrences judged to be valid by the regulator – it’s the best performance since the ranking started to be released quarterly, in 2017.”

“Customer complaints registered with the BC are analyzed by the external ombudsman to provide feedback on all processes with managers and guide corporate decisions with a focus on the continuous improvement of care, products and services offered by BB. Thus, we achieved a 14% reduction in complaints from the previous quarter, registering the lowest number since the ranking was launched in 2017, and also the lowest absolute volume of complaints among the main banks”, he concluded.

Itaú said that it works “in an intense and continuous way in the analysis of complaints registered by its customers, in order to identify opportunities for improvement in its processes, products and services. The results of these efforts are reflected in the reduction of complaints and an increase in customer satisfaction customers.”

BV, on the other hand, stated that it “works continuously to improve its processes, product offerings and service, in line with the purpose of making the financial lives of people and companies more peaceful.”

The Master, who makes up the second group, said that he has “worked continuously to improve his services and clarifies that the number of origins and their respective rates are being reduced exponentially every quarter”.

“We will continue with this work of continuous improvement, committed to improving service to our customers”, he added.

Neon informed that “customer satisfaction is a strategic priority and works constantly to reduce the number of complaints, in addition to improving the quality of services and care provided”.

The institution also said that it continues to invest in its relationship channels for continuous improvement of the customer experience.

All manifestations were provided by the institutions through a note.

Sought after, Original, PagBank-PagSeguro, Nubank and Midway did not manifest themselves until the publication of this report.

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