Today, the State goes to the markets with the reissue of a bond maturing on January 30, 2042 (25 years) with the aim of raising 200 million euros. It is recalled that this particular bond was issued in 2017 with a coupon (fixed interest rate of 4.2%).

As the Public Debt Management Organization states in its announcement, the purpose of the reissuance is to satisfy investment demand and at the same time to facilitate the operation of the secondary bond market.

The amount to be auctioned will be up to 200 million euros and the settlement date will be Wednesday, June 28, 2023 (T+5).

Only Primary Dealers (ND) will participate in the auction by submitting, via HDAT, exclusively up to 5 competitive bids each, which must be submitted by 12:00 noon (pm), local time, on the 21st June 2023 and which are satisfied up to the amount of the auctioned amount, at the price of the last bid accepted at the auction (cut off price).