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In the Southwestern States of the USA they continue the “Cabinland” series


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Desert Cabin construction was made exclusively with reusable materials

In new landscapes, this time in the cactus deserts of the southwestern US States, the Sarah Underwood and Jacob Witzling their ‘Cabinland’ series, introducing the Desert Cabin.

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Its construction was made exclusively with reusable materials. “Every single material you see, from the doors to the trim, has been salvaged. It is important for us to consume and use as little new materials as possible, from an environmental perspective,” said Jacob Witzling, speaking to Designboom.

Respectfully honoring the rich ecology of the vast landscape, the Desert Cabin’s roof – accessible by ladder – hosts a garden of native cacti and ocotillo; the sandy clay in which the plants will grow has been collected from the surrounding desert. The construction of the roof was thoughtfully planned. “Water easily drains from the roof due to our innovative design. We built the structure to be able to withstand the extra weight of soil and flora, as well as the strong winds and torrential rains in the area during the summer, monsoon season,” the duo emphasized.

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As with their previous builds, Sara and Jacob paid great attention to detail and quality of craftsmanship: “We created the pattern on the large French doors to reflect the constellation, Orion, which from the vast open skies of this oasis in the desert almost every night he guards us”.

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