Man who filmed Kate Middleton says conspiracy theories are ‘delusional’


Engineer Nelson Silva, 40, the man responsible for the video of Kate Middleton shopping with Prince William, refuted “delusional” conspiracy theories that it was not actually the princess or that perhaps the footage was old.

“I’m not that shocked that these comments continued. This is a video that clearly shows her and William. I saw them with my own eyes. It was a completely relaxed situation,” he told The Sun tabloid.

Since the Mother’s Day photo manipulated by Kate became public, more rumors began. Now, the appearance of this video also raises doubts about its veracity.

“People have put so much time and energy into these rumors and lies that they can no longer tune out,” he added to the publication. “Are they going to say I made this video? Did I put a fake Kate in there? It’s ridiculous,” she continued.

According to Nelson’s report, while shopping, Kate talked to the team and laughed. Despite not being able to hear the content of the conversation, he says that everyone seemed in a pleasant and light mood.

“I started recording as they (Kate and William) walked towards the parking lot. They looked very happy and relaxed together. William was obviously Kate’s protector and I quickly stopped recording because I didn’t want to make them uncomfortable,” remembered.

Nelson’s idea was to share the video with his family in Portugal and he had no idea that it would become material for the press, as he claims he doesn’t really like the world of celebrities.

The disappearance of Kate, who has not returned to her public duties since leaving the hospital after undergoing abdominal surgery in mid-January, has intrigued the internet and caused a series of conspiracy theories to emerge.

According to Google Trends, searches for information about the princess broke records in Brazil. Internet users ask questions like: What happened to Kate Middleton? Where is Kate Middleton? Who is Kate Middleton?

Source: Folha

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