Discover 5 bars open on Mondays to start the week lighter in SP

Discover 5 bars open on Mondays to start the week lighter in SP

Sprawled out on a leather sofa, friends chat and sip beers from long neck bottles, while couples share portions and have drinks. The environment is dark, and the flashlight of the cell phone is necessary for those who want to read the menu of the house. On the other side of the mezzanine, a jazz trio creates the night’s soundtrack. It doesn’t even seem like it, but this is a Monday.

It is true that the fight for the title of the worst day of the week is disputed, with good arguments on both sides, between Sundays and Mondays. But for those who like to go out at night for a drink, Monday nights are a big deal. This is, after all, the traditional day off for people working in the sector, which means that many bars and restaurants keep their doors closed on the day.

Many, yes. But not everyone. This is the case of the Fechado, with leather sofas and a dark lounge. Opened at the end of May, the house combines a café, bar and restaurant in the Consolação region, in downtown São Paulo.

You can spend the whole day there, as the place opens at 8 am, with a breakfast menu, lunch and, in the evening, snacks and drinks, including classic and signature cocktails. The letter is from the duo Jean Ponce and Alice Guedes, from Guarita. The food menu, by Greg Caisley, also from Guarita — which, by the way, is also open on Monday nights.

On Monday nights, the space receives musicians to lull the audience to the sound of jazz. You pay a cover charge of R$40, which entitles you to a glass of wine or a glass of fitzgerald. Afterwards, you can order drinks like the Nativo (R$38), made with bourbon, red vermouth, bitter, pepper drops and pasteurized egg whites, and nibble on recipes like the chicken drumstick with catupiry sauce (R$24 with four units).

In addition to the Fechado, other bars receive the public on the day. The classic Bar do Luiz Nozoie, in Bosque da Saúde, is one of the most popular, for example. Discover, below, four more addresses in São Paulo open on Monday nights.

Los Perros

Sommelier Fabiano Aurélio defines his house as a wine bar. There, it is possible to have the drink in bottles or glasses and snack on items such as the jamon croquetas (R$ 29 with six units), even on Mondays.
R. Bela Cintra, 806, Consolação, central region, Instagram @losperros.boteco Mon. and Tue., from 17:00 to 23:30; Wed., from 17:00 to 24:00; Thu. and Fri., from 4 pm to 12:30 am; Sat., from 5 pm to 12:30 am


In Pinheiros, the house is named after the bartender Gabriel Santana. The specialty is drinks and, believe me, there is no shortage of drinks to try: the current menu features ten authorial recipes and 74 classic ones, in addition to a section called Untouchables, with creations that are popular with the public. One suggestion is the Melhor da Noite, with bourbon, raspberry, beetroot, lime and coconut (R$ 44).
R. Joaquim Antunes, 1026, Pinheiros, region west, Instagram @_santanabar. Mon. to Fri., 5pm to 11pm; Sat., 2pm to 11pm; Sun., 2pm to 8pm


A mix of shop and bar, the address is the home of the Trilha brewery. There are 12 taps fitted with self-made beers, as is the case of Melonrise, a fruity ipa juicy (R$ 24 with 350 ml). People spread out on the sidewalk, on beach chairs and stools, with cups and cans in hand while nibbling on items like peanuts — but delivery is free for those who want to order something from outside.
R. Apinajés, 137, Perdizes, region west, Instagram @trilhacervejaria. Mon. and Tue., from 11 am to 10 pm; Wed. and Thurs., from 10 am to 10 pm; Fri. and Sat., from 10 am to 11 pm; Sun., 10 am to 10 pm


New in Baixo Pinheiros, the bar specializes in vermouths — a fortified wine flavored with spices, which serves as the basis for drinks such as rabo de galo and negroni, but can also be taken straight. The house has three taps with artisanal vermouths, each for R$ 25.90 (pure, with tonic or sparkling water), in addition to imported labels. It also serves drinks and a menu of snacks to share.
R. Costa Carvalho, 96, Pinheiros, region west, Instagram @trincabar. Mon. to Sat, from 18:00. Closed on the last Monday of the month

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