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The Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office examines a 3rd case of possible sexual abuse of a child of the Ark of the World


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The next moves of the two prosecutors seem to be directed towards the search for files of children who were accommodated in NGO structures.

A new, the third, case of possible sexual abuse of a minor child by the Ark of the World, scrutinized by Juvenile prosecutors.

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The case, which concerns a minor alleged victim, appears to have arisen from the testimony of a former worker in a Kivotos structure and has already activated the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office to cross-examine the complaint and identify and convince the child for whom it was specified to come to justice report.

The two juvenile prosecutors have taken statements from several witnesses, about 12, gathering every piece of evidence that can be used to unlock their next moves to quickly investigate the NGO case.

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Today, Thursday, they went through the door of the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office in order to testify two former employees as educators in the structures of the organization, at the same time that the two prosecutors were informed by people from Father Antonio’s environment that the head of the NGO for many years is at the disposal of the Justice.

THE father Antonios has already proceeded with the appointment of lawyers, already instructing criminologists Thrasyvoulos Kontaxis, Anastasios Triantafillou and Yiannis Kotsos to represent him.

The next moves of the two prosecutors seem to be directed in the child folder search hosted in NGO structures. Thus, they will immediately order that confidential files of children who have reported abuse be sent to them, as well as for those who are suspected of having been abused, so that through the confidential reports of social workers, they can identify information and also children who will


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