Volos: Freed from debts of 840,000 euros in loans, tax, insurance funds


How the freelancer did it and got rid of exorbitant debts – The court’s decision

The Magistrate’s Court of Volos accepted her bankruptcy petition private-natural person and released a freelancer from a debt of 840,000 euros.

The debt concerned loans, insurance funds, tax authorities, but also individuals. This is a case with a bankruptcy petition filed by a 50-year-old freelancer who managed to save his property from auctions, with the new bankruptcy law. His income is 15,000 euros and the court, based on the new bankruptcy law, ruled that “the applicant, aged 50, self-employed, is permanently and universally unable to service his debts, as he is unable to pay them in a general and substantial manner relieved him of an enormous debt.

His creditors will be satisfied exclusively and only from the bankruptcy estate of the applicant and to the extent that this is possible, according to the decision. His lawyer Stefanos Katsoulakis, who handled the case, submitted the application to make use of the new bankruptcy law in August 2022 with the decision to be issued four months later.

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