Coast Guard: 21 Greeks on board the Euroferry Olympia


Twenty-one Greeks was among the 290 passengers on the Euroferry Olympia, which was engulfed in flames overnight and evacuated early Friday morning off Corfu.

According to the official information from the Ministry of Shipping, the ship was carrying a total of 290 passengers, passengers and crew. Of these, 21 are Greeks, 14 passengers and 7 crew members.

In the sea area, where the burning ship is located, three helicopters are operating and efforts are being made to free two people from the ship’s garage.

A large company has been set up in the port of the Corfu Port Authority for the identification and counting of passengers.

The quick reactions of the crew of the Euroferry Olympia ship that caught fire in the early morning northeast of the island of Ereikousa prevented the worst, according to a passenger testified to SKAI. “In 15 minutes the fire “reached the open deck where we were,” said the passenger of the ship at our station.

“The crew was just perfect. Fast in his reaction and very organized. We were rescued by the crew. “Most of them are Italians,” he stressed.

“I am on the Italian port ship and we are probably going to Corfu. Only this ship came we are all in it. As far as I know we are all fine. “There was no one at sea,” he said.

“Afterwards we learned that the fire started in the garage, it is not certain. “It was spread by word of mouth.”

The history of the fire on the ship

“They woke us up at 4.25 in the morning, an hour later the ship was evacuated. In 15 minutes the fire reached the open deck where we were … There are families and small children, but there was no panic. “As soon as we came out of the cabins on the open deck, the smoke was visible, we realized that something had caught fire, but we did not know the size,” he said characteristically.

Mr. Nasos explained that “we stayed in the boats for about an hour if I am not mistaken. The weather is very good, there was no sea, God helped us. Two boats got off, of 150 people each boat “.

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