The news of the death of academician Panagiotis Kontos is spreading immense sadness in Messolonghi and throughout Aitoloakarnania.

Panagiotis Kontos, after his great academic career, contributed catalytically to the promotion and rescue of the historical and cultural wealth of Aetoloakarnania and especially of Aetolia.

There were dozens of speech events that he organized or participated in, in which the past, as well as the creative present of the place were presented.

From his writing work, we will single out the coordination and editing for the publication of “ATOLIKI”, the periodical publication that provided a “step” for the presentation of research papers on all aspects of culture in the region.

Panagiotis Kontos was also the connecting link to develop cultural cooperation between Messolonghi and Cyprus.

Also, as Secretary of the University of Athens, he had included Messolonghi as a destination for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Hellenistic studies from foreign universities in the annual program implemented by the EKPA.